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There is a close connection between maintenance, lubrication and oil monitoring. The lubrication of machines ensures the availability and service life of the machines and systems. Machine lubrication thus provides an important contribution to the company's success. Professional lubrication uses oil analyses to determine the condition of the lubricant and thus its further usability. In addition, the wear particle concentration measured in the oil provides valuable information on abnormal wear processes or even imminent component failures. On the one hand, the solid or liquid contaminants contained in the oil accelerate the wear of the lubricated components; on the other hand, they also shorten the service life of the oil itself.

This course shows how professional lubrication practices help to operate components and machines more reliably, to last them longer. From oil selection, storage and handling, filling, refilling and operation to oil change and disposal, all stations of the life cycle are covered. The right mix of theory and practice ensures a high level of portability of the contents directly into daily work and helps to secure the positive effects in the long term.

Course plan

Modul 1: Maintenance & Lubrication
Modul 2: How Lubrication works
Modul 3: Key properties of a lubricant
Module 4: Mineral or synthetic oil - what's behind?
Module 5: Lubricant additives
Module 6: Lubricating Greases
Module 7: Bearing lubrication
Module 8: Gearbox lubrication
Module 9: Combustion engines lubrication
Module 10: Hydraulic fluids
Module 11: Turbine oils
Module 12: Compressor oils
Module 13: Wire rope lubrication
Module 14: Chain lubrication
Module 15: Oil sampling
Module 16: Oil Condition Monitoring
Module 17: Contamination Control
Module 18: Storage and handling
Module 19: Lubricant application
Module 20: Oil Analysis Reports
Module 21: Live Consultation
Module 22: Final exam preparation & test exam